Sunday, February 15, 2009


Compare me to JOB & you might call me very lucky
But it seems like the Fates have been spinning the thread
too thin these days---hasn't snapped yet, thank goodness,
I'm reduced to snapping road cracks & stealing shots
off nature programming...

Getting more portraits of human beings, but I cannot show
the teen-aged Macbeths & Tamoras, Joans of Arc & Bruti,
or the baby girl festooned with beads & a rakish sailor hat.

I wrote a blog on Multiply for Valentine's Day:
& I've signed up for Facebook & Flixster
just at the time I need to be spending
more time outdoors!

It's just that Sunday seems always to bring out the blog
& the blarney in me. However, I am unwilling, evidently,
to do what it takes to parlay this blogorhythm into
a six-figure income:

So I'll consider this blog my occasional platform
my replicant here at Google
I can't say that it's worth anybody's time
But Time is only a concept humans need for organizational purposes,
memories can be embellished or erased or turned into a palmipsest
called what's happening now when I think of Then.
I'll always love this scene from BLADERUNNER.

Hope you enjoy it, too, & also your life each moment.

Have Fun!

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David's Days: Notes Along the Way said...

I just want to affirm that you certainly have the talent to earn that six-figure income.