Sunday, November 30, 2008


At my son's place for Thanksgiving
Backwards in time
All sense of display

Now we're Home

The new Christmas tree is bare
waiting in its appointed corner
for its moments of glory

all lit up w/no place to go

We sit around, still stuffed
& content, for awhile,
thanks to the energies of other beings
sacrificed to our human needs
until the next wave of celebrating
presents itself

Hey, isn't there always something
to look up to?

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Well, during this waning moon,

I have established a composting system

of garbage cans & a worm farm....

Like Paul Muad-Dibh,

I am breathlessly

still waiting for worms, though.

I 'm de-clutterring again so that

I can enjoy the holidays.

It has been hard for me to break my cable news addiction.

I'm still working on that, struggling to remain



the way my meditation teacher told me



Came across this op-ed today:

It's, at the very least, literate & gentle,

& says much more than it says.

So, I'll move along now, myself,

to the garden plans & optimistic propagation

of sassanqua camellias

& other things,

work that is actually fun.

Reminded me of Todd Rundgren, somehow:


Hey, why not?

Have a great Saturday!