Saturday, October 10, 2009


Came across this shot of our noble Pete
taking his time..he'll be seven December 15
middle age, I sincerely hope....
with Time to spare

Friday, September 25, 2009

Someday was Yesterday

It's been a long slog here lately.......
But I discovered a new world again
when I went to the mailbox
& this silvery golden green frog prince or princess
(Really, does it matter under these circumstances?)
Plopped from somewhere down inside the red flag
to offer a face off from atop the mailbox
unyielding position despite my surprise & delight,
despite innumerable blinks of red light from my sensor
laser, despite all....

I swear it winked at me.

Then, tiring of my humanity, I suppose, it
popped right back into the flag slot
& shut its eyes for a nap.

Shortly thereafter, my code purple sick pc
returned from its hospital stay, & now
Everything is booming again.

I feel like this caprioling Lippizaner:

Hope you are well & kicking up your heels a bit!

Have Fun!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

A Toast or Is It?

the tiny keys of my adorable red cheap netbook
suppress the Muse, I fear.
It's been a rough go around here since the end of April
but I still feel that Mystery dwelling & welling...
Please forgive my communications shortcomings
because if you do, then I can begin to get back to work
on this testimony--this time around paying more attention
to the Yang part.
My Big Mama desktop pc needs a new motherboard
they tell me...
Someone's coming to install it within the next few days.
My Little Mama's gone to live in the Nursing Home.
I'm usually swooping here & there trying to accomplish
errands & Life Support for 4.
But now, for a moment or two,
here I am on the little red racer,
playing around with the recent past.
Hope you are well.
Here's to better times!

Monday, July 20, 2009

लूकिंग Out


Well, I'm back.
After arranging NOT to publish in Hindi--what??
& cropping the photo...
& briefly musing over my feckless month off
Had a real scare last night at 7:45
I had been performing a self-pedicure
& all the stuff all laid out over the hearth
& papers & sewing projects
& color pencils & watercolor painting messes
islands of untidied "creativity"
one of the H's clients called to announce
his ETA at about five minutes

Scrambling is something I only do for eggs these days
Reminded me of our one br apartment of long ago
where I would quickly stash all extraneous into the bathtub
& close the shower curtain
& be ready w/drinks, chips & dip within 5 minutes

How Time goes by.....

But the H called back to rearrange the meeting to his office
thank the Dear Lord for that.

But I have decided to once again get organized

Let God laugh

but I will do it

if only to be ready when Opportunity knocks

or calls from a cell phone

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Sea Change

Yesterday the word "trudge" turned out to be prophetic.
New avenues open up now,
like the green stripe in the commercial
Now I'm going commercial
going for the green
something just has to be done
& now's the only time to do it
So, like the Gulf Coast gondolier
who amazed me from afar
I'm ambulating
over the water
over the highway
over the grass & the sidewalk
& I have to say
�it feels pretty good
�to set the wheels in motion again

Thursday, April 2, 2009


So now They've canceled The Guiding Light

Not that I was watching it at all, in 30 years....

My Grannie was a fan of As The World Turns,
&, since I was with her most of my preschool days,
so was I...
I remember when Lisa was a dewy-eyed adolescent.
I was always struck by the gravity & aplomb
despite unrelenting tragedies
of the pale heroine Ellen....
(silent waters run deep)

But I watched ATWT only once or twice in 20 years
just to see who was still around
& how many gray hairs & wrinkles around the eyes
they had sustained.

The last soap opera I tuned in was an accidental glimpse
of a show I can't even remember the name of...
but it had twin dwarves, one evil & one well-meaning
(unless it was only the Evil One working a ruse),
& a whole lot of wallowing around in bed.

I was shocked, truly, & to the core.

No, I've been way too busy for a very long time
to get hooked on a daytime soap
& yet I am sorry to hear that the empathy quotient
on the part of the stay-at-home demographic
has waned so low due to personified love-lorn mops & brooms,
tooth-whitening, ab-melting products,
& relentless medicine ads
(ask your doctor about it),
& any number of other key factors I'm blissfully unaware of
(perhaps the former audience members are all on the Internet blogging),
has resulted in the demise of a melodrama born in 1937,
an ironic birthdate,
such a watershed
despite being a globally wretched year, indeed.

Other 1937 classics will abide, & so might The Guiding Light,
in another venue. I hope they don't fill the spot with more Punditry.
Or another haughty, snippy Judge from who-knows-where
stating the obvious to the stupid & never missing a cheap shot.

I hope I'm too busy with other things to even find out what replaces it.
Something in the human heart thrives on vicarious suffering.
So, I expect it will have something to do with Suffering.
What, I ask you, does not?

Have Fun!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Chaplinesque by Hart Crane

by Hart Crane

We make our meek adjustments,
Contented with such random consolations
As the wind deposits
In slithered and too ample pockets.

For we can still love the world, who find
A famished kitten on the step, and know
Recesses for it from the fury of the street,
Or warm torn elbow coverts.

We will sidestep, and to the final smirk
Dally the doom of that inevitable thumb
That slowly chafes its puckered index toward us,
Facing the dull squint with what innocence
And what surprise!

And yet these fine collapses are not lies
More than the pirouettes of any pliant cane;
Our obsequies are, in a way, no enterprise.
We can evade you, and all else but the heart:
What blame to us if the heart live on.

The game enforces smirks; but we have seen
The moon in lonely alleys make
A grail of laughter of an empty ash can,
And through all sound of gaiety and quest
Have heard a kitten in the wilderness.

From The Complete Poems and Selected Letters and Prose of Hart Crane by Hart Crane, edited with an introduction and notes by Brom Weber. Used with the permission of Liveright Publishing Corporation. Copyright © 1933, 1958, 1966 by Liveright Publishing Corporation.

Hart Crane was an American poet with a very great gift for seeing, and for the way language changes what is real. Sadly, the despair that is often reflected in his work eventually overcame his appreciation for life. However, his poetic legacy deserves great respect. You can read more about Hart Crane & savor some of his work on, here:

To take the Multi-Bloglingual Poetry Tour hosted by my friend Jacqui Binford-Bell, go here:

Have a wonderful time!