Monday, July 20, 2009

लूकिंग Out


Well, I'm back.
After arranging NOT to publish in Hindi--what??
& cropping the photo...
& briefly musing over my feckless month off
Had a real scare last night at 7:45
I had been performing a self-pedicure
& all the stuff all laid out over the hearth
& papers & sewing projects
& color pencils & watercolor painting messes
islands of untidied "creativity"
one of the H's clients called to announce
his ETA at about five minutes

Scrambling is something I only do for eggs these days
Reminded me of our one br apartment of long ago
where I would quickly stash all extraneous into the bathtub
& close the shower curtain
& be ready w/drinks, chips & dip within 5 minutes

How Time goes by.....

But the H called back to rearrange the meeting to his office
thank the Dear Lord for that.

But I have decided to once again get organized

Let God laugh

but I will do it

if only to be ready when Opportunity knocks

or calls from a cell phone


Jacqui Binford-Bell said...

Welcome back! This entry really made me laugh - Scrambling is something I only do for eggs these days. LOL

And my house definitely has islands of untidied creativity. I think I need signs to post around informing people of that: Beware - you are approaching an island of untidied creativity.

As to Hindu - FB I am told will post in 64 languages. Wonder what Blogger will do.

Catfish Tales said...

Hahaha. Rich!