Monday, August 18, 2008


I'll be seeing you
in all the new unfamiliar places
I'll be on the move
(Oscar Mike)
until I get all squared away
& stop this incessant parroting
of things I watched on TV
& have a better grasp
of my own true voice
even if only bits of it

But I always always always
mean well.

Everything About It Is a Love Song - Paul Simon

Sunday, August 10, 2008

You're my Blue Sky, You're my Sunny Day

There is a panel of blue sky
in the emergency room at Sacred Heart
& you sat there bundled into a flimsy blanket
shivering & scaring the life out of me

The doctor looked like Elvis
jet black hair
pale blue eyes
sideways grin

I suppose we were a novelty
the two of us
among the nosebleeds
baseball injuries
& noisy sufferers
the regulars

you said

We were the irregulars
paying the price
for living so well
except for the small detail
of dental floss
over time

Later, while you slept,
you seemed such an Innocent
there in Clear Conscience Land
I sat on the beach
making mental fun
of my many companions
admiring the real sky
the coral umbrella
(very flattering to the skin, that light)
the emerald fluff's eternal minuet
reflecting upon the sturm und drang

and I just could not help smiling
& bopping a little to the iPod choices
I made before we left
not regretting
a single one

In the Sky - Mark Knopfler