Sunday, February 15, 2009


Compare me to JOB & you might call me very lucky
But it seems like the Fates have been spinning the thread
too thin these days---hasn't snapped yet, thank goodness,
I'm reduced to snapping road cracks & stealing shots
off nature programming...

Getting more portraits of human beings, but I cannot show
the teen-aged Macbeths & Tamoras, Joans of Arc & Bruti,
or the baby girl festooned with beads & a rakish sailor hat.

I wrote a blog on Multiply for Valentine's Day:
& I've signed up for Facebook & Flixster
just at the time I need to be spending
more time outdoors!

It's just that Sunday seems always to bring out the blog
& the blarney in me. However, I am unwilling, evidently,
to do what it takes to parlay this blogorhythm into
a six-figure income:

So I'll consider this blog my occasional platform
my replicant here at Google
I can't say that it's worth anybody's time
But Time is only a concept humans need for organizational purposes,
memories can be embellished or erased or turned into a palmipsest
called what's happening now when I think of Then.
I'll always love this scene from BLADERUNNER.

Hope you enjoy it, too, & also your life each moment.

Have Fun!

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Clearing my Conscience

I'm responsible for the details of a regional Shakespeare Competition
My friend who's writing True Crime asked me to take over
I'm not saying that was a crime (am I?)
I lost my temper
the very point I'm working on conscientiously
I thought

Some people are simply impossible

Maybe I'm one of them

But I detest being lied to

& I especially detest being treated like an idiot

I only hope the student
whose teacher let her/him down
by not taking care of the necessary details
will be there, after all, will be the Dark Horse, The One
that stuns us all with a divine performance

I'm cautiously optimistic
although I know that people follow a pattern
& once unreasonable, twice unreasonable,
very likely to be tertiarially, undeniably, certifiably



Very likely all this will settle itself
& the Greater Good will be served
by the structure

This thing is not Open Mic

It has procedures designed to ensure equitable opportunity
because it is a brilliant opportunity
for the brilliant winner,
but these are very young people who depend upon grown-ups
to be grown-ups & own up to their responsibilities...

I said

If it makes you feel better to blame me, go ahead.
Just do this & that & come on to the show.

Let's hope the show goes on with the unknown contestant
& becomes perfect.

I can see it both ways

& it's still a good thing.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Yesterday I wandered through someone else's garden,

which now belongs to mostly everyone who stops by

to say hello to the little old ladies who guard it.

It felt so good to be in a walled garden in the sun!

The camellias are wearing poorly, lots of nips in them

from the cold winds we've been having, even within a walled garden.

The Japanese magnolias' catkins are bursting.

They'll be blossoming & booming in just a minute or two...

I have been working much more than I usually do,

being of a naturally rather, ahhhh, ambling sort of nature,

who prizes lolling about & thinking of interesting subjects,

nothing too technical or measured, thanks,

but this last month has put my resources to the test...

Patience, for one, & getting past inertia into action,

I've had pressing issues concerning my mom,

& lots of them.

But all the while a voice kept saying

Get out your acrylics!


So, when I finally did follow my own advice,

I found a very special ring & other keepsake jewelry

I had given up on over five years ago.

It drove me crazy for awhile back then,

looking everywhere & wondering

what had happened,

speculating on how they disappeared.

Finally, I had decided that someone

must have needed them more than I did,

& let the worries go away out into the Universe.

Now I know I hid them from myself, evidently,

& revealed them to myself years later,

at a time when this ol' girl

is much more seasoned with irony.

So I have decided the paint that harbored that treasure

must be lucky, & thus I am re-beginning a painting phase.

Now that I've announced it, so must it be.

Capturing light for myself

preserving it for everybody