Wednesday, June 25, 2008


An offer I could not refuse
this blue dragonfly
& unnoticed companion(s?)
claiming an outpost
on a battered post
sat long minutes


gazing NNW for some reason
known only to the dragonfly

Sloooooow putters on the green
lining 'em up like Ben Crenshaw

gave me time to play my own game

Women Will Rule the World - Ry Cooder

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Back on Track

Marking Time
the fan blades whirring into one shadow
wings fanning into one blur
hummingbird wings
alial elevation
both feet on the ground
trudging along behind the lawn mower
I salute
the persistence of weeds
& briars
& the bright haze
surrounding the Summer Moon.

Summers Here - James Taylor

Monday, June 9, 2008


I've been kind of blue
after the demise of the cardinal babies.

One was too big for the nest,
& tipped out the whole lot,
judging from the empirical evidence
I found.

What I found...

broke my heart for awhile.


I'll pull a few weeds,

set out the hummingbird feeders

take care of a few other details,

& continue to observe

Nature's Way.

Lullaby Baby Blues - Keb Mo

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Bird Business

I saw the brilliant father stop by
perched on a patio chair--
couldn't get a good shot, though,
& the mother, whose dishevelment,
evidently resulting from just sitting
for so long, endeared her forever to me--
her topknot in such disarray.

But now she's sleek again, & assertive,
a grain of something that looked like a bit of dried corn
glowing within her golden orange beak.

The way she waits for the biggest chick
to stand down so she can reach the smaller ones,

& her fierce pride, flying in the face
of bluejays taunting
like juvenile delinquents on a subway,

or well-meaning humans.

When I approach the window,
from inside my own house,
inside, with camera or coffee cup,
she flies at the glass & her entire
demeanor says



So I keep in the shadow of a curtain
watching from time to time
as I pass by on other duties
to spy on the progress.

This rich blessing of time--
to love & observe the birds
their colors
their cries...

I leave a small pile of popcorn
just outside the door