Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Bird Business

I saw the brilliant father stop by
perched on a patio chair--
couldn't get a good shot, though,
& the mother, whose dishevelment,
evidently resulting from just sitting
for so long, endeared her forever to me--
her topknot in such disarray.

But now she's sleek again, & assertive,
a grain of something that looked like a bit of dried corn
glowing within her golden orange beak.

The way she waits for the biggest chick
to stand down so she can reach the smaller ones,

& her fierce pride, flying in the face
of bluejays taunting
like juvenile delinquents on a subway,

or well-meaning humans.

When I approach the window,
from inside my own house,
inside, with camera or coffee cup,
she flies at the glass & her entire
demeanor says



So I keep in the shadow of a curtain
watching from time to time
as I pass by on other duties
to spy on the progress.

This rich blessing of time--
to love & observe the birds
their colors
their cries...

I leave a small pile of popcorn
just outside the door


Sans Souci said...

Magnificent in every way!
Sans Souci

reading_is_dangerous said...

Fantastic picture,
and the poem says it all.


reading_is_dangerous said...

The eyes of true philosophy, they have.

^..^ Wolf said...

very good write! and the pic is awesome!
^. .^