Friday, September 25, 2009

Someday was Yesterday

It's been a long slog here lately.......
But I discovered a new world again
when I went to the mailbox
& this silvery golden green frog prince or princess
(Really, does it matter under these circumstances?)
Plopped from somewhere down inside the red flag
to offer a face off from atop the mailbox
unyielding position despite my surprise & delight,
despite innumerable blinks of red light from my sensor
laser, despite all....

I swear it winked at me.

Then, tiring of my humanity, I suppose, it
popped right back into the flag slot
& shut its eyes for a nap.

Shortly thereafter, my code purple sick pc
returned from its hospital stay, & now
Everything is booming again.

I feel like this caprioling Lippizaner:

Hope you are well & kicking up your heels a bit!

Have Fun!