Saturday, November 15, 2008

Well, during this waning moon,

I have established a composting system

of garbage cans & a worm farm....

Like Paul Muad-Dibh,

I am breathlessly

still waiting for worms, though.

I 'm de-clutterring again so that

I can enjoy the holidays.

It has been hard for me to break my cable news addiction.

I'm still working on that, struggling to remain



the way my meditation teacher told me



Came across this op-ed today:

It's, at the very least, literate & gentle,

& says much more than it says.

So, I'll move along now, myself,

to the garden plans & optimistic propagation

of sassanqua camellias

& other things,

work that is actually fun.

Reminded me of Todd Rundgren, somehow:


Hey, why not?

Have a great Saturday!


Jacqui Binford-Bell said...

Thanks for the link to the op-ed page. I seem to be replacing my addiction to political news with op-ed reading. Used to read opinions and editorials a lot before CNN began telling me how to think.

Aaaah, watching worms sounds rather Zen. Like studying one's belly button in Yoga.

I have moved around the plants in my studio to allow space for a Christmas tree this year - the first in more than ten years. Is it all about hope? We can now all get on with productive and positive things in our lives instead of living in fear?

Enjoy your worm watching.

Wallace said...

Gentle? Dick's wit is as sharp as a scalpel. Thanks!

reading_is_dangerous said...

The great Worm is inside us. A strength to be mastered before you go to battle.

The Great Worm, the Serpent, the Devil in us, the Creation or the Thing, matter.

The pictures are neat.