Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Happy New Year

Last night I ventured out into the cold
to see the stars in the blackest sky
amateur fireworks burst here and there
the popular color being green, lime green

off the shoulder of Orion, I thought

like tears in rain

I thought

the sad companion left behind
with his woes

with his dreams of women

surgically enhanced women

and his foolishness

He just doesn't get it

thinks it's all written on the outside

an open book

if the proportions cohere

I thought

and his grief just makes me tired

(compassion being quite inconvenient at times)

and I thought of my own foolishness
and avoidance of resolutions
other than digital images
which are the only ones that count to me now
that speak to me

I'm planning a trek
across the part of my country
between here and California
parts I have never seen except in photos
and movies
I'll bring along my dog and my cameras
and a cell phone and a laptop
and a nutritional system of my own devising
no tent, just an SUV

I could be dreaming, but the idea
could really grow on me
could become more possible
with each passing day

There was a time I felt a constant companion
but that entity checks in with me less often now
and I keep hoping



that when the time is right

I'll see the light

and hear the music

and dance. . .


Anonymous said...

//that when the time is right

I'll see the light

and hear the music

and dance. . .//

Yes, just believe in it, believing makes wonders.The blackest sky has the stars, they are not always seen but we know they are there for us.
You know your idea of travelling alone with you camera and laptop and experiencing the things you have never had had opportunity to experience before, is fascinating...If I only could, I would do it this very second.Cherish this idea and be ready to tell us and share your journey.

reading_is_dangerous said...

happy new year (the old Russian new year is on the 13th so I feel like it's okay to wish people a happy new year even six days after the first)

this is beautiful post.
I laughed at your mention of the synthetic women -- they are made according to the synthetic fantasies of men who watched too much television maybe --

I wish you a nice trip, when you leave.

Nnella said...

This Is a beautiful post, some nostalgia, lyrical and rythmic.