Friday, November 2, 2007

River Birch

November 2,
& all is in suspension.
We don't hit
the glorious peak
until Thanksgiving,
but here's a glimpse
of what awaits
outside the kitchen window,

(always wanted to use that word)

that golden light
that finds a brief window of opportunity
after a few frosts & then the sun
decides to light it up one morning, or one afternoon
depending upon all the factors combining
& then what you see
is what you get
to remember.


Charley said...

Nice poem and beautiful photo. Love that moment when the light itself is turned gold as it filters through the leaves.

nightowl said...

Good morning, what a lovely site you have here. Don't you love Blogger? It's so easy and user friendly. Great pictures , I love the one on your profile, and very good music too.
Have a wonderful day, hugs.

reading_is_dangerous said...

all is in suspension.

We wait.

inchoate? Ha! ha!


what you see is what you get to remember.

what we write too.

we'll remember a lot.