Sunday, November 18, 2007

Dream Deferred as Irrelevant

in the dream i am back in china
i am in the corridor
just outside my room
saying goodbye to some friends,
two women,
& i decide to go to the 10th floor.

i pass through floors of generational gap
assorted levels of tecno decor,
an electronic picture frame,

but for a second i glimpse
a snowy mountaintop pointing up
into the blue & there is a car bridge
aligned w/the rising sun
of the winter solstice.

So now I am back in my dear old LEXUS
heading out through gracefully rolling hills
although the mountaintop goal
has somehow receded out of range....

surely it never moved, yet
there remains that possibility.

I decide to walk instead,
abandoning the car
for the chance to absorb more aromas.

I find an old touring bicycle
& am pleased with it...
very pleased.

Such smooooooth synchronicity!

I become slightly disoriented (hah),
so i turn a corner, looking for a spot
of technicolor, grinning like an archaic Kore,
as a tall comedian tweaks my headlight
for the amusement of his stubby companion.

I shake the detritus off my hand into a wire
rubbish can & move along, pedaling, shifting
gears. I realize I am changing again,
changing--I cling to the side of the bike
with my legs & one arm
like a Comanche showman,
aiming my camera up through the handlebars
at a particularly appealing moon gate where
a young girl with a backpack smiles & waves.

Although I realize
I have left the car behind
i move out
into the streaming humanity,
merge w/the traffic
flowing back onto the bridge,
& I can see
my hotel

but i've gone ...much.... too...... far
to stop now.


Charley said...

Your Poem is a very interesting trip through your subconscious. Thanks for taking us through your dream

reading_is_dangerous said...

this is well told
It's still a dream
but you told it so well that it's already more than a dream...

it took you further, beyond its own fabric...

a lift,
a bridge,
a car,
a bicycle...

and you went on foot too
as we most often do in our dreams...

interesting, AJ. :)

Me said...



Anonymous said...

//but i've gone ...much.... too...... far
to stop now.//

Now only one way forward forward, follow your dream. I am even afraid to turn and look back and see how far I have gone.