Thursday, October 9, 2008

Who's Courting Your Reptilian Brain?

Please forgive me for getting political again

I suppose elections, even for class president

have always fundamentally appealed to the reptilian brain base

the simplest, reflex-based system

that never dreams

only lives to survive

at any cost

the little fight or flight button

that ramps up the adrenal glands

the most basic part of the brain

that lies beneath

the higher-thinking neocortex

that makes us human.

Certainly the Mad Men of the 50's understood this human trait,

& their adventures with it helped to create Today.

By now we're so acclimated to it

we might not even notice while it's working us.....

I just wanted to send this thought out there:

PLEASE carefully evaluate the claims

& strategies popping up all over the place.

Consider the source.

Consider what it's appealing to....





It's up to us to understand ourselves
make the difference.

1 comment:

Jacqui Binford-Bell said...

Came here to read the blog above. And then my reptilian brain got sucked down to this blog. Very nicely put I must add.

Yes the one party in power has been appealing to the Fear mode for eight (no make that 10 if you add the campaign in) years and that is a long time to be pumping adrenaline into our systems.

Beware being sucked into the political blog. Finally gave Travels with Charlie totally over to politics. And created another blog here devoted to the creative mind (higher mind focused on hope and inspiration).

Come visit there.